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Do you wonder why it feels so good to walk barefoot on the grass or sand on the beach? It’s because you are standing on a powerful natural energy source – the Earth. When you walk barefoot on the Earth you allow anti inflammatory, pain reducing electrons into the body and connects with Earth’s natural, synchronizing rhythms. Beyond sleep benefits, Earthing is very beneficial to our bodies…
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Earthing - Grounding

Earthing – grounding is a 24/7 possibility.

Day time grounding with the mat, night time with the sheet, patches or bands for local issues, pluggz grounding footwear for outdoors.

All products connect to the earth either most naturally via the Earthing rod or mains socket adapters for every country.
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Daily stress takes it toll and day/night-time earthing helps counter the effects. Now, we are subject to subtle EMF radiation stresses which can affect the vitality of your 100 trillion cells. Earthing – grounding does not protect against phones, PCs or WiFi EMF; it can help in redressing effects.

Protection is available by addressing the source problem: the digital, pulsed waveform…

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