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EMFields Acousticom 2 – The easiest way to detect harmful waves

This small, hand-held, easy to use meter is one of the best, most accurate and simple meters we’ve found. It enables you to take radio frequency measurements wherever you want, detecting any harsh and harmful waves ranging from WiFi routers, mobile phones, reception towers, smart meters and more.

Simply switch the device on and it will begin reading EMF immediately with warning LED’s and audio sounds. With no confusing or complicated set up required, it couldn’t be easier. You can start detecting straight away. Once you have your readings you can then begin working towards protecting yourself, we highly recommend your sleeping and working area read as low as possible, or anywhere you spend a lot of time.

This EMF meter comes with several warning options using both audio sounds and LED lights. The LED display makes it easy to detect safe radio frequency levels (measured by V/m).


Green (levels between 0.01 and 0.02 V/m), indicates a safe level for most people even those that are electro sensitivity.

Yellow (levels between 0.05 and 0.10 V/m), warns users if RF levels go above 0.05 V/m. Some people with electro-sensitivity may begin to experience symptoms.

Orange indicates if levels have gone above 0.30 V/m

Red indicates if levels go above 3.00 V/m. The red light informs you when levels get dangerously high and go to 6.00 V/m. If two LEDs are the same colour, then it means that the RF measurement lies somewhere between the two.

Different Sounds For Different EM Readings

The EMFields Acousticom 2 also provides different noise feedback depending on the kind of EM signal that it encounters. Each type of radiation causes the device to emit a specific signal that you can then interpret.

The EMFields Acousticom 2 covers an EM frequency range of 200 MHz up to 8000 MHz, including the majority of the spectrum used by today?s telephony and electronic communication technology.

Despite its affordability, the device is also highly sensitive, with a sensing resolution of 0.01 V/m. This sensitivity helps to record accurate measurements at a particular point in space and helps to warn people with electrosensitivity that they are too highly exposed.

Additional Features
- The EMFields Acousticom 2 is compatible with 9 V alkaline or rechargeable battery
- There is a green LED light that will turn red when the battery starts to run out
- The device comes with an on/off switch on the front to press for sound
- Battery life is ten hours
- The device measures 110 mm x 63 mm x 21 mm (L x W x D) and weighs 140 g, including battery
- The product comes with a two-year warranty
- Has the widest measurement range - 200?8000 MHz ?6 dB covers the spectrum from TETRA, beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies
- Pulsing audio signal heard through the internal speaker or headphones, with adjustable volume levels
- Easy to read display - LEDs update rapidly, allowing you to quickly gauge the levels in an area and find any hotspots

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this measure magnetic
No. If you require a magnetic-field-measuring device, check out the PF5, also by EMFields.

What radiation does this device detect?
It will detect and measure high-frequency radiation emitted from all mobile masts, WiFi networks, DECT cordless phones, TETRA, smart meters and more.

What frequencies does the Acousticom 2 cover?
The device displays the peak levels of microwave electromagnetic fields from 200 MHz up to more than 8000 MHz (8 GHz)

How sensitive is the device?
The Acousticom 2 readout is sensitive to 0.01 V/m.

7 reviews for EMF Radiation Detector

  1. JD44
    5 out of 5


    Great device for testing safety of your environment
    Gives a fair idea of the levels of radiation in my home and to what extent it is healthy or not. It enabled me to discover that my new Smart TV kept beaming our WiFi radiation even though the menu implied that I’d switched it off. Most Smart TVs eg Samsung, LG, Philips do not allow you to disable this EMF emission. The Acousticom helped my find TV and devices that are safer. Simple to use and quick to identify unhealthy sourced of radiation for my family.

  2. Josh K
    5 out of 5

    Josh K:

    I think this is the best meter for a general purpose. It measures from 200 Mhz to 6 Ghz which is a very good range.
    The meter is very easy to operate, it shows V/m (Volt per meter) with a display of lights from green to yellow, orange and red.
    The latter is the danger zone and people should not be exposed to this kind of radiation for a longer time. The meter fits into
    your jeans pocket and is inconspicuous and can be taken everywhere. It also has a sound function which can easily be
    switched on or off by just pressing the only button again. This sound function is very impressive as you can hear the pulse
    of the microwaves and from the sound you will know after a while, what kind of waves they are, i.e. from the smart meter
    or the cell phone tower, or the dect phone, or the WiFi, or your cell phone.

  3. Amazonian
    5 out of 5


    After all the Youtube vids on the subject of Rf & EM fields doing damage in prolonged situations – I guess we just had to find the real truth out for ourselves.
    This device has brought us joy & tears.
    Everyone REALLY NEED’s to get one of these – your eyes will light up at what it reveals about this invisable environment we all live in.

    We showed our neighbours and business collegues what they are living in, and it has shocked every one of them.

    I’ve already written to our local MP with our serious concerns about those Towers & Smart Meters in particular.

    We all need to understand what has happened here, and ‘they’ still want to bring in 5G and much higher radiation frequencies ???? ! in our opinon they have to be kidding us – or should that be killing us! – no way.

    1) We are now making plans to reduce our readings for safety sake.
    2) Get into your router settings and reduce the transmission output to 40% instead of 100% default level.
    3) Got a smart meter – make a faraday cage for it.

    We cant stress this enough – EVERYONE “NEEDS”, NEEDS, NEEDS, This device now!

  4. Dogrose
    5 out of 5


    I should have bought this a long time ago. I kept putting it off. So far it has been a very reliable little monitor of radiation – easy to use and very accurate. I thought everything in our home was plugged into the wall and we had no wi-fi. The Detector discovered that the TV was in fact on the wifi setting. The monitor went from red to nothing as soon as I switched off the wifi element.

  5. knp3
    5 out of 5


    Very useful – worrying how much EMF there is around

  6. Zimmy Zimmer
    5 out of 5

    Zimmy Zimmer:

    Good little detector it works perfectly,now i know whats all around me its scary

  7. Viktor
    5 out of 5


    Very accurate and easy to use microwave meter for the price, also quality made and lovely design!

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No it doesn’t, however recent studies have shown it helps fight against the negative effects EMF’s have on the body. EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) are the Wi-Fi signals emitted from devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and microwaves. You can protect yourself again these dangerous waveforms by using products such as SaferWave, available here. It is important to make sure the area you spend most of your time in, in-particular where you sleep is an EMF free zone. You can check your home and office for EMF quite easily by using an EMF detector available here

Grounding helps with reducing the body voltage caused by electricity, which comes from electronic devices such as televisions, cables and computers, radios and anything electrical. Having a high voltage running through your body can cause inflammation which is why it is so important to earth yourself because so many problems and diseases are inflammation based.

Jacqui Shinn   April 6, 2018  

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We test all of our grounding products twice before sending them out, this includes the plug and cable so we are very confident with the performance of our products. We also guarantee them for 1 year from the day of purchase, so we generally say after the 2 year mark we would recommend testing the products to make sure they are still working as they should be. This can be done two ways:

  1. A Continuity Tester which tests the conductivity of the sheet or mat as well as the plug and cable. The Continuity Tester is a small hand held device which will show if an area of the product has lost conductivity in which case you can try turning the product around and using a different part or side of the product or if the product is no longer conducting at all and you will need to buy a replacement. For further information click here
  2. The second is with a Body Voltage Meter, this tester not only shows that the product is working but also you can see with your own eyes how much the voltage running through your body drops by on the digital screen. For further information click here

dev   November 28, 2017  

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Everyone reacts differently when they first start grounding meaning some people will feel the benefits almost immediately and others may take up to a few months. In scientific tests and research it shows that as little as 30 minutes grounded will show internal changes and benefits in-particular to your blood.

Ideally we would be earthed 24/7, but daily life gets in the way, so if you’re able to do at least 30 minutes a day this will be a great starting point. It is important to sleep earthed as we spend a large proportion of our time spent in bed and this is when our body’s naturally rest and recover so being earthed during this period will help in every way.

For some people they can ground for 3 months or so and not feel a huge difference, however when they stop, or go on holiday without taking the products with them it seems to be then that they notice just how much they are benefiting from being earthed.

dev   November 28, 2017  

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No, there is no electricity flowing at all. The live and neutral pins are removed on all UK plugs and you can keep the socket switched off at all times. The products do not need electricity to work, they only need to make contact with earth either via the earth pin of the plug or a grounding rod. If however, you prefer to keep the socket switched on it won’t make any difference at all to the products functionality and isn’t dangerous in anyway.

dev   November 28, 2017  

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No, they are exactly the same thing.

dev   June 12, 2016  

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They will both provide the same benefits, however there are different benefits to each depending on your set up.

  1. Connecting your product via a plug and socket is the easiest and most convenient way and because the products don’t need electricity to work, you can keep the sockets switched off. If you don’t have a socket nearby you can also use earthed extension leads to help get the best set up for you and your product.
  2. We highly recommend the grounding rod if you are electro sensitive, are camping or caravanning where you don’t have access to an earthed socket or would prefer to connect your product via a grounding rod as personal preference. The grey cable that comes with the grounding rod is armoured to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as being placed in a window or door frame and having the window or door opening and closing on it. The cable is 43ft long, plus the white cable that comes with the product which is 15ft so in total you will have a 58ft long cable to travel from the grounding rod to the product.

dev   November 28, 2017  

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The grounding products will only work if the socket you are using is earthed, so it is important to know that the wall socket, adapter or extension lead you want to use is earthed. Legally properties in the UK have to be earthed, however if you would still like to check for peace of mind you can do this with a Socket Tester. Not all countries have a legal requirement for properties to be earthed so if you are using your grounding products abroad we always recommend taking a socket tester and earthed travel adapter with you to test the socket you want to use.

dev   November 28, 2017  

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There are numerous reasons why it is important to ground yourself and some of the benefits include better sleep, pain relief and protection again the effects of EMF to name a few. One of the most important benefits for us is the anti-inflammatory benefits grounding brings. So many health problems are inflammation based these days such as arthritis, heart disease, asthma, sprains and strains amongst a long list of others so to tackle the root of the problem is extremely important and with inflammation reduction being one of the most obvious benefits of grounding it makes sense to introduce it as part of your daily life.

Jacqui Shinn   April 5, 2018  

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