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What is every athletes dream?…Fast Recovery!


High intensity healing for the whole body.


Our Recovery Bags combine high intensity healing with a whole body grounding experience. This high intensity level coupled with the generalised effect of the bag is perfect for treating chronic whole body conditions, as well as use by athletes looking to recover from heavy exertion in a short amount of time.


Recovery Bag Features:

  • Our Recovery Bags offer the ultimate in high intensity grounding.
  • The bag encloses the entire body and provides a whole body grounding experience.
  • Perfect for the treatment of sports injuries and for speeding up post work-out recovery – Grounding Recovery Bags have been regularly used by Tour-De-France riders to recover between the grueling stages they ride.
  • Can be used for chronic issues and those with severely compromised energy levels*
  • The bag is very flexible in its use, it can be used as a sleeping bag, blanket and also opened out flat as a bed sheet.


1 x Recovery Bag (inc plug & cable connections)

1 x Socket Tester

1 x Earthing Book


Further information and sizes below.

Each of our 100% cotton sheets is interwoven with high quality silver thread. The thread is woven into a grid pattern to ensure an even and strong connection across the entire sheet.



Open79 inches / 200cm82 inches / 208cm
Closed39 inches / 99 cm82 inches / 208 cm


All of our Recovery Bags come complete with a UK Plug as standard as well as all the cables and connections you need to get earthed right away.



* as with all of our grounding products we recommend that those with severely compromised energy levels build slowly into grounding, perhaps starting with one of our less intense products and then building up to using the Recovery Bag.


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