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Give the gift of Energy this Christmas!


We spend a third of our lives asleep so why not use this time to improve your health, wellness and vitality. Our Grounding Sheets gently discharge any detrimental voltages you may have induced during the day and welcome a beneficiary flow of free electrons into your body, meaning a more restful sleep and increased energy levels so you wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

There is nothing better than getting into a soft, cosy freshly made bed. Well perhaps a soft, cosy freshly made Earthed Bed…Each of our 100% cotton sheets is made with your comfort and rest in mind. We thread a grid of soft silver fibres through each sheet. This grid and its connections link you directly to the earth. This link and the grounding effect it creates will make your bed even more tempting.

Sleep Well. Sleep Earthed.




1 x King/Super King Half Sheet (including plug & cable)

1 x Socket Tester

1 x Earthing Book

1 x Sleep Diary (downloadable PDF emailed after checkout)


Grounding Sheet features:

  • A no effort way to ground yourself. They provide a conductive connection with the earth during your 6 to 9 hours in bed each night, when the body repairs and regenerates.
  • Grounding at night can provide better sleep so you wake up feeling rested and energised.
  • Easy to use, fit just as you would a normal bed sheet.
  • Provides whole body grounding.
  • Pyjama friendly, will earth the entire body through simply having bare arms or feet.
  • Made of a soft high quality cotton.

During our lifetime we will spend over 226,760 hours asleep or just shy of 26 years! Now imagine how good we would feel if we could use that time to not only rest but actively improve our health and well-being.

Our Grounding Sheets let you do just that. They not only lull you into a deeper and more restful sleep but combat inflammation related disease, aid in the healing of injuries and sprains, improve compromised energy levels and promote a general feeling of wellness.

For millennia humans woke and slept with the rhythm of the sun. Our circadian rhythms were naturally entrained to the earth which ensured our sleep was deep and restorative.  Artificial lights, screens on electronic devices, night shifts, and long work days have altered our natural rhythm.

Deep restorative sleep, or REM, which is essential for survival is disrupted when our circadian rhythm is interrupted. Almost everyone today falls victim to this simply because we use modern technology and artificial lights.

As we sleep our brains and bodies naturally cycle through phases of sleep. The most profound and most healing stage is called REM. REM is the sleep phase when we dream and integrate new information.  Sleeping grounded can encourage and deepen this sleep.

Adding grounding to your nightly sleeping regimen can rev up your body’s ability to achieve REM.

Grounding can greatly enhance the renewing effects of sleep. Adding grounding to your nightly sleeping regimen can rev up your body’s ability to achieve REM. Get deeper REM sleep, and at least 8 hours of sleep a night and you tap into one of the most important mechanisms for self-healing and homeostasis.


King/Super King Half Sheet6 foot / 1.8 meters3 foot / 0.9 meters19 inches / 50cm


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