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Don’t get cold feet about being earthed.

Our Grounding Socks are designed to give you high levels of grounding whilst keeping your feet warm, cosy and comfortable.

Our Grounding Socks are made of high materials and have soft silver fibres interwoven through-out. These silver fibres connect you directly with any grounding product you place your feet upon. When used in conjunction with a Grounding Mat or Sheet the socks provide a conductive path from the Mat/Sheet to the foot. The socks are also ideal to wear with our Pluggz shoes. You can now slip off your shoes at work, have odour free conductive socks and feel comfortable about using the Grounding Mat under your desk.

In bed the socks enable the Earths input to spread over the whole foot/ankle, whilst keeping your feet warm.

The socks do not have a plug connection, they just have to make contact with an earthed surface or product.

Features of the Grounding Socks:

  • Each sock is interlaced with soft conductive silver fibres throughout. These fibres connect your feet directly with any grounding product they are placed upon.
  • Compatible with both Grounding Mats and Grounding Sheets and can be used in conjunction with any other grounding product
  • Antibacterial effects – silver is a wonderful anti-bacterial agent. Silver fibres are often found in plasters and bandages.
  • Anti-odour: Silvers anti-bacterial properties kill odour producing bacteria, leaving your Grounding Socks fresher for longer.
  • Silver is the most thermally conductive element on the planet. It quickly and evenly distributes heat throughout the socks enhancing the conduction of heat from the skin, meaning your feet stay cooler and more comfortable on hot days.
  • Help to minimise moisture and sweat contact with the foot – aiding in the prevention of Athletes foot and other issues.
  • Our Grounding socks are 76% cotton, 8% silver fibre, 14% nylon and 2% spandex.
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Our Grounding Socks may look like a conventional everyday sock but they can provide both therapeutic and wellness benefits and still be very fashionable to wear. The properties of silver are the key.

Silver has the highest reflectivity rating of any metal element at 95% of radiative energy. Body heat loss is minimised by actively reflecting the bodies’ energy back to the skin. Silver socks will be significantly warmer with added comfort in cold feeling conditions.

Athletes foot (Candida Albicans) can be a problem between toes and in any damp within skin folds.
Silver destroyed 99.9% of Candida Albicans after only a few hours contact with the skin.

Sweat can embarrass from an unpleasant odour. Our socks can help combat this in as little as an hour.
Silver is a natural treatment and deterrent for the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus (in 90% of patients with Atopic Dermatitis and up to 30% may develop acute infection), and may help with eczema and dermatitis. In the UK over three million people suffer from Dermatitis and Eczema with insufficient natural body protection against infection and bacterial infections of the skin. Eczema and dry, cracked skin on the legs and between the toes caused by constant sweating and washing with detergents and antibacterial soaps may be helped by wearing silver socks. The anti mycotic medical properties of pure silver will eliminate within one hour 99.9% of bacteria resulting in an instant reduction of itching.
Silver also evenly dissipates heat therefore your feet will stay cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter.

Athlete’s foot has pursued humans for centuries.

For the last 50 years the fungus has distributed its self throughout the European population. More than 22% of the European population is suffering from athlete’s foot.

An alternative to creams, sprays or steroids - Silver Socks with natural silver fibre is the comfortable and new high technology method to fight athlete’s foot and reduce bad foot odour.
The sock affects temperature regulation and acceleration of moisture evaporation the silver removes the base environment that the Athlete Foot bacteria requires to live this is: cool (less than 33°) and wet skin. Good improvement can be expected after 4 to 5 weeks.

Ease Eczema and Irritant Dermatitis

Socks with silver fibre technology can help to ease the itchy suffering on the legs, feet and between the toes and help to manage acute bacterial skin infections naturally.

Medium (fits size 5-8)
Large (fits size 9-12)


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